Membership like no other

HSC offers the Houston squash community a membership to experience not only the exciting game of squash but also a belonging to a unique family.

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind squash facility that offers members the opportunity to train and recover like a pro, using leading-edge equipment, recovery innovation and the best fitness techniques in our state-of-the-art fitness and recover room. Train or play on our courts where we offer full functional group training to one-on-one sessions.

As a member, you will feel like HSC is your private Squash facility. Our gym is smaller than other gyms, but we still provide the same great strength training and cardio equipment. The trainers at HSC wants to pass on their passion for squash and fitness to the community. They also aspire to help as many squash players at all levels reach their goals, whether that means simply providing a facility for them, finding groups for them to train or play with, or helping them with individualized sessions.

We believe in making an impact on the squash world and the players around us.