Pro Management

Jahanzeb Khan

Squash Director

Hailing from Pakistan, the country known for producing World-class champions such Jansher and Jahangir Khan, Jahanzeb grew up on squash. Fuelled by his passion for the game, he started playing at an early age and excelled beyond his contemporaries. He has not stopped since. While adverse circumstances, may have kept him from accomplishing his dream, it only increased his commitment to help others achieve theirs.

Jahanzeb while educated at the renowned NED University at Karachi, gave his passion an educated direction. He set about to attaining the required certifications being certified with US Level 1, UK level 1 & 2, and ASF level 1 & 2 Certifications. Jahanzeb Khan has over 13 years of squash coaching experience and has been managing tournaments throughout his career.

These past 9 years have seen him organize 105 international/national tournaments and we are still counting. 2016 Jahanzeb organized the biggest Series between Pakistan and Egypt where he featured current world no.2,3,6,13 and 14. Also in 2021 saw the likes of Karim Abdel Gawad, Mostafa Asal, Mazen Hesham, Tayyab Aslam and Nasir Iqbal play in exhibition games arranged by Khan.

Jahanzeb has been generating waves in regional and international squash communities and is only aiming bigger from here on. Jahanzeb aims to not only to promote the game of squash in the United States but to also help the players find exactly what they are looking for, be it sponsorships, career development or more diversified tournaments. With a sports management company underway and an established network in place he is currently managing 6 professional squash players, Jahanzeb is close to accomplishing his mission in the near future.


World Champion


World Rank No. 13


World Series Champion


World Rank No. 77


WR Women No. 88


US Jr. Champion


British Jr. Champion


Adewale Amao

Squash Pro

A squash Professional from Nigeria, Graduated from university of Lagos Nigeria. Played on the PSA world tour for 8 years achieved the highest World ranking of #215, former Nigeria #1, represented Nigeria in several International tournaments including the 2019 World Team Championship in Washington DC.

Adewale started coaching in Nigeria in (2010-2016), then moved to the States in 2016, Where he worked with Concourse Athletic Club in Atlanta Georgia as a Squash Pro (2017 – 2019). He moved to Houston and coached at Lifetime Athletic City Center (2020 – 2021). He is Passionate about squash and very good with kids.

Nasir Iqbal

Squash Pro

Nasir Iqbal is a Pakistani squash player who won the prestigious British Junior Open Under-13 category in 2007. He reached a career-high world ranking of World No. 35 in February 2016. He won President Gold Cup International Squash Championship in 2015. He’s currently rank 81 in the world.

He’s joining the Houston Squash Club from October 1st, he loves teaching squash and wanted to pass his squash knowledge to next generation.


HSC Ivy League Squash Program is the most diverse in Houston. As of 2021, there are 34 varsity Men’s teams, 32 varsity Women’s teams, and 45 additional club teams. The colleges and university where squash is offered as a sport are among the top institutions around the country, including all Ivy League schools. HSC is dedicated on training young squash players of all ages to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle while nurturing their personal growth beyond sports.

College Bound 2020-2021

Muhammad Huzaifa Ibrahim (Mercersburg Academy)

Fawad Ali Jan (Mercersburg Academy)

Nina Varma (Yale University)

Pranik Chainani (Yale University)

Marco Difillippo (Franklin & Marshall)

Labeeb Ali (Bates College)

Owais Rasheed (Chattham University)

Abdul Malik (Chattham University)

Amna Fayyaz (Dickinson College)

Sebastien Delavega (St. Lawrence College)

Chris Zimmerman (Amherst College)

Daksha Pathak (Amherst College)

Pro Skills


Squash players train at HSC to become more athletic and more resilient so they can achieve more success in every field-of-play. If you ever thought: “How do I get faster & quicker?” or “Where can I find age & sport-appropriate strength training” or “What can I do to get ready and stay ready for my season?” then you’ve found your answer… Houston Squash Club.

Success is not achieved by sweat alone. Fitness isn’t enough. Superior squash performance requires a whole-athlete approach. The HSC environment exists to create an optimal growth zone for improved performance.

Our focus is age-appropriate resistance training that prioritizes proper technique, posture and core strength, and functional movement that apply directly to on-field performance.

Lateral speed, linear speed, change of direction, and footwork are not only essential to improved athletic performance, they are also measurable. We will track each athlete’s progress to motivate and adjust future training.